Lunar21 aims to take the long view, in helping us all to think differently about the future, and Derby’s place in it.

NHS discussion with the panel

Our format for events is simple; two speakers, for 20 minutes each, examining the same issue from different perspectives. Then, throwing open to the floor for questions and comment.

Our speakers bring passion and enthusiasm, and build on their expertise. The speakers’ contributions will be relevant to the subject, but will contrast from each other. Our format works best if we can resonate with the interests of the speakers and the audience.

Our events combine ideas, which are designed to challenge, intrigue, perhaps fascinate, but always stimulate thinking. We are not about formal debates where there must be winners and losers; instead Lunar21 provides the opportunity to capture ideas and grow a breadth of thinking through interaction – all to make sparks, illicit further questions, ideas and reflections.

Food provided on the evening

It is not unusual for people to be continuing a Lunar21 discussion a week after an event – altogether rare in our world of 24/7 news and instant opinions.

Quality actions need quality thinking!

Past Lunar21 events: