14th November 2016: What makes good decision making?

LIzzie Paish  D Hyp,  MA Cantab,  PGCE – Director, Change from Within

Lizzie will explore how we, as individuals, make decisions.

Lizzie has worked with people who are struggling with a wide range of issues in their lives, helping them to transform their view of the world, looking at decision making from a number of perspectives.

Iain Standen  FRSA – CEO, Bletchley Park Trust Ltd

Iain will explore how national and strategic decisions are made.  

Iain leads the team that runs Bletchley Park as a heritage attraction and museum.  Today Bletchley Park highlights its code-breaking achievements in the Second World War, its role as a birthplace of computing, and its importance for understanding the past and relevance for the future.

Prior to this he served for 28 years as a commissioned officer in Army which included international experience and time as staff officer at the Ministry of Defence.

Christine Cawthorne – Chief scribbler at Crocstar

Christine will explore how social media is changing our decision making behaviour.

Christine has worked on the web since 2004 – in journalism, copywriting, social media and training.  She’s worked with governments, the UN, household brand names, and tiny start-ups.

In open forum:  inviting contributions from as many people as possible. From the presentations, what was expected and what has been surprising?
  • What does this mean for us as individuals?
  • What does this mean for us nationally?
  • Does this have any implications for our city?