About Us

Why Lunar 21?

Lunar21 aims to be a thinking space for the people of Derby. Described as “Derby’s non-political ‘think-tank’”, Lunar21 is the place where it’s okay to ask questions that have no obvious answers, especially when these are difficult questions that need answers – the questions that we must ask if we are to shed light on the 21st Century, and Derby’s place in it.

Silk Mill Bridge by the river Derwent

The original Lunar Society brought together sparky individuals who used their enquiring minds and knowledge across different disciplines, to challenge accepted thinking; asking difficult questions and examining a range of issues; from chemistry to geology, and mechanical engineering to physics. Their ideas were tested out in domestic scale workshops and on kitchen tables. Their conclusions impacted globally, in ways that are still with us today.

Derby Silk Mill is on the site of the world’s first factory. But 18th Century manufacturing has grown and developed a long way from metal-bashing: by the application of the latest scientific knowledge, startling innovations have been achieved – perhaps already being taken for granted – so that Derby is now the UK’s No.1 hi-tech city. With a very high percentage of its workforce employed in advanced manufacturing – twice that of Cambridge and four times the national average – Derby is now home to global brands such as Rolls-Royce, Bombardier, and Toyota, and their extensive, local supply chains.

Rolls Royce engine

With the growth and application of global electronic, analytical, information, and communications technology, Derby is able to lead the way into the 21st Century knowledge economy – but this could bring challenges for Derby’s local employment, as well as opportunities.

What does all this mean for our city?

What is needed to make the most of opportunities that exist within Derby and on our doorstep – especially for communities who have poor levels of academic attainment?

What do we need to do now to meet the challenges and opportunities that we face?

Lunar21 events give Derby a place where we can, together, consider these issues and more.

Who is behind Lunar21?

Lunar21 is a project undertaken by volunteers of the Derby Museums Trust.

Lunar21 project activities also enjoy support from Marketing Derby, the RSA, and Essential Print Services Ltd.

Derby Museums Trust is a Charitable Trust. Contact with Derby Museums Trust can be via www.derbymuseums.org, or at Derby Museums and Art Gallery, The Strand, Derby DE1 1BS.