Museomix UK at the Derby Silk Mill, November 2014.

Over the 7th, 8th and 9th of November 2014 the Silk Mill Museum of Making in Derby opened it’s doors to Museomix UK, to ‘museomix’  their trust’s two main venues, the Derby Silk Mill itself and Derby Museum and Art Gallery.

The ethos of Museomix was as much about recording and sharing the journey as the eventual outcome. Lunar21 explored on Saturday:

What is museomixing?

Mus-e-o-mix (Mew-zee-oh-mox): Verb 1. To remix, reinterpret and reimagine an exhibition space or interactive, 2. To work in a team and create a prototype that brings new ideas to light, 3. To develop and share ideas freely through technology and social media, 4. To contribute to a community that takes care of its members, 5. To contribute, collaborate and create new content for public consumption.

Who was responsible?

Mar Dixon was the main project coordinator and founder of Museomix UK.

  • Passionate about culture: ensure culture is accessible to all.
  • Project Coordinator for international projects.
  • Creator of international and world trending social media campaigns.
  • Champion for the next generation: kids and young people.
  • Defender of Libraries: creator of #savelibraries
  • Wearable technology for culture and in society.
  • Digital and Tech Enthusiast.
  • Sharing knowledge.

How did it happen?

Mar visited a Museomix event in Paris in 2012. Her impressions of the event were formed very much through the visual and atmospheric  elements, as much of the language spoken was not English. She went away with enough inspiration to decide to bring the event to the UK. The first, held in Ironbridge Shropshire, brought together over 80 individuals from around Europe.  This event in 2014 was hoped to equal or better the original UK Museomix.

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